"Lead by data driven knowledge"

    Better results through targeted information management


    Assess the optimal solutions for your information management.


    Design and implement a suitable application landscape.


    Set up smart work processes to provide you with better insight into core information.


    • 2013
    • 2014
    • 2015
    • 2016
      IATI Expertise
    • 2017

    2013 - Blueprint Data4Development

    Gyan realizes the blueprint of a new and innovative IT environment for NGOs.

    2014 - Collaboration with Maaike

    Maaike joins Gyan. Through her expertise in automating planning, monitoring and evaluation (PME) processes, the business starts to grow rapidly.

    2015 - Foundation of Data4Development

    After receiving positive feedback from PwC and gaining interest from the market through several NGOs, Maaike and Gyan decide to found their company Data4Development.

    2016 - IATI Expertise

    In 2016 Rolf joins the team. With his experience and expertise in IATI, Data4Development increases its capacity to serve customers.

    2017 - Expansion of services

    Data4Development expands its services in the areas of IT, security and assistance with compliance challenges.

    Our Team

    Maaike Blom

    Managing Director

    Maaike is a change manager, strategist and initiator of new concepts.

    Gyan Mahadew

    Managing Director

    Gyan keeps oversight and has his eye on the target: providing value to the client.

    Rolf Kleef

    Chief Tech Officer

    Rolf is a Senior IT Advisor with experience in internet and online collaboration.

    Anna de Vries


    Anna is a creative problem solver with a passion for people and organising.

    Anne-Marijke Podt

    Senior Advisor

    Anne-Marijke is skilled in bringing people together through multi-stakeholder processes.

    Anita Malpani

    Data Scientist

    Anita uses the power of data, organizing and technology to make the world more just.

    Nina Beauchez

    Junior Advisor

    Nina is a young professional with a passion for tech and international development.

    Karin van den Belt

    Senior Advisor

    Karin is a PME advisor who specialises in systems for data driven impact measurement.

    Marjolein Gerdes

    Senior Advisor

    Marjolein is an experienced IT professional who is specialised in Agile en Scrum methods.

    Eliza Hobo

    Junior Advisor

    Eliza wants to help organizations by making people and computer technology work together.

    Jesse Bruns

    Junior Advisor

    Jesse wants to make a difference in the world by working with the civil society.

    Eric van der Harst

    Senior Advisor

    Eric is an experienced professional with all-round IT experience.

    Martine Koopman

    Senior Advisor

    As Senior IT Advisor Martine supports the non-profit sector with digital technology.

    Gerben Bekooy

    Senior Advisor

    Gerben is an experienced management consultant and business organiser.

    "The collaboration with Data4Development went very well. They definitely had a custom approach which adjusted to the needs of our alliance and responded quickly to our questions. It was difficult at first to navigate through our extensive data, but in the end we were happily surprised that the job was done relatively quickly!"
    Odilia van Manen
    Programme Manager Her Choice
    “The D4D team worked to professionalize IT within Terre des Hommes. All our worldwide offices are now connected and use topnotch technology and equipment. This helps me to always have access to information and be in touch with all my colleagues worldwide.”
    Liesbeth Zonneveld
    Head of Programmes - Terre des Hommes
    “D4D installed the Spreadsheets2IATI converter and a Data Quality Checker at Aidsfonds. This allows us to easily publish our large project portfolio in IATI. The team was capable and thought along with us to provide us with what we needed”
    Susanne Peters
    Functioneel applicatiebeheerder - Aidsfonds
    "With the Spreadsheets2IATI converter D4D offers a great product. We got to know D4D as a reliable partner with a thorough knowledge of IATI and IT. D4D thinks along with you and responds quickly to questions." 
    Paul Schot
    Planning, Monitoring, Auditing - Woord en Daad