Data4Development was founded in 2015 by Maaike Blom and Gyan Mahadew and rapidly made its mark by combining expertise in information technology and social practices.

    They gained the confidence of several organisations, helping them to increase their impact through efficiency savings in difficult technical areas such as IT and information management.

    The team of Data4Development want to work for organisations with a social purpose. They want to contribute their expertise to projects which benefit society. They are experts in data management and optimising processes.

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    All encompassing approach

    The approach of D4D is both technological and people-oriented. From vision to implementation, we involve the user in our thinking process.


    With our connective communication we work at the right pace, keeping your interests in mind at all times.

    Our principles

    D4D is independent, critical and collaborative. We have many years’ experience of successfully managing projects within organisations.

    Team members

    Maaike Blom

    Managing Director

    Maaike is a change manager, strategist and initiator of new concepts.

    Gyan Mahadew

    Managing Director

    Gyan keeps oversight and has his eye on the target: providing value to the client.

    Rolf Kleef

    Chief Tech Officer

    Rolf is a Senior IT Advisor with experience in internet and online collaboration.

    Anna de Vries


    Anna is a creative problem solver with a passion for people and organising.

    Ruben is enthusiastic and motivated to learn and help others in a world that’s rapidl…

    Our customers