D4D is the specialist on IATI and offers tailor-made services for your organisation.

    You receive grants, and as part of the agreement, your donors want you to publish your progress, project transactions and results in the form of IATI data. How to do this?

    D4D helps you to comply with IATI standards and publish your results. We automate the monitoring and evaluation of your projects and goals as much as possible, so you have clear and simple insight and are able to report according to IATI demands. To do this, we offer a variety of IATI services, from our user-friendly Spreadsheets2IATI converter, which makes use of spreadsheets in which you can easily enter your data, to a full implementation trajectory, in which we work with your organisation to embed your IATI publication into your existing reporting processes and information systems.

    ‘IATI should in principle not lead to additional effort for grantees, but rather lead to streamlining the reporting process’,
    - Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    D4D sees publishing in IATI as more than a compliance issue, but as part of an important data journey of your organisation, in which structuring and mapping your data leads to the production of better data. You can then start using your data, for example via dashboarding and website plugins, and combining data with Data Science, ultimately with the goal of allowing you to make data informed decisions.

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    IATI services

    IATI as a service

    You have questions about your IATI publication and would like an expert opinion on how best to proceed. D4D offers four different services depending on the stage in which you find yourself. See our Product Page for how we can help you. 

    Spreadsheets2IATI converter

    You have already gathered your data and now need a conversion to IATI xml. See our Product Page for more information about our converter services.

    IATI Training

    IATI is new to you and you would like a training so you can get started properly. D4D offers an IATI Publisher Starter Training specifically adjusted to your knowledge level of IATI and learning needs. During the training, we can discuss both the background of IATI and provide the basis for the publication process of your organisation.

    IATI Dashboard

    You want to inform your organisation and constituency through data. Let us help you to create an interactive dashboard to show off your results!

    IATI Data workbench

    You are already publishing in IATI and want to manage and check your data quality. The exclusively designed Data Quality Validator tool of the Dataworkbench helps you with this.

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