“Is your organisation ready for the new data protection regulation (GDPR)?”

    There is nothing intrinsically new about the duty to guard personal data, but the matter has become very current. Starting May 25th 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in effect. The GDPR is a stricter measure than the current regulations and makes more demands of your organisation. The rights of the ‘involved parties’ are expanded and your organisation has an increased duty to provide protection. You are expected to manage your data in a lawful, fair and transparent manner. We would like to help you to meet these obligations. Together with our legal partner T&R advocaten, we have developed a customised GDPR Privacy Assessment.

    Besides the importance of securing the personal data you manage, your interest lies in ensuring the continuity of your enterprise. For that reason, together with our strategic partner  SQ Networks B.V., we offer the opportunity to do a baseline assessment, judging the level of security of your organisation against outside attacks. This baseline assessment will result in a recommendation for improving your security, as well as a formal ‘pen-certification’ that is of great value to meeting the legal demands of personal data protection.

    As desired it is possible to expand upon the GDPR Privacy Assessment with several modules.


    GDPR Privacy Assessment

    The GDPR Privacy Assessment is a complete baseline assessment custom made for your organisation, which provides clear insight in your legal obligations and the level in which you are currently meeting them, as well as which steps are necessary to take in order to become compliant.

    Our cooperation with T&R advocaten makes it possible for the GDPR Privacy Assessment to include not only the legal - organisational aspects of the new regulation, but also the - just as important - IT technical aspects of securing the privacy sensitive information/data and information management.

    GDPR Privacy Analysis

    The module GDPR Privacy Analysis offers the opportunity to analyse the outcomes of the  GDPR Privacy Assessment from a legal, policy-based and IT technical aspect. Based on this analysis, you receive a concrete plan of approach: the GDPR Implementation plan. In this plan, the specific recommendations for your organisations are outlined together with a priority indication.

    GDPR Privacy Assessment

    With the module GDPR Privacy Complete our support goes another step further: we carry out the GDPR Implementation plan together with you, so that you become compliant to the new regulations as soon as possible. Additionally, we will assist you in (further) shaping your privacy policy and privacy programme, so that your privacy policy can be put in to effect and becomes effective.

    Privacy Management

    By making use of this module you ensure business continuity. You can contract us to provide Privacy Management for your organisation. We will manage privacy issues in case of possible incidents, but also manage your privacy policy periodically and cyclically.  After all, your privacy policy needs to continually adjust to the developments within your organisation  and the business market: we can provide this care.


    It is possible to combine the GDPR Privacy Assessment with a Workshop. This Workshop is meant for all employees of your organisation who have insight and knowledge of the most important data processes and systems in your organisation.

    After a general presentation about privacy in the light of GDPR we will map the most important privacy risks of your organisation in an interactive way. This will not only provide a complete overview or the data streams and potential risks, but also increase awareness and support among a targeted group of people within your organisation.


    With the module Cybersecurity we offer you the possibility to increase the protection of your organisation against cyber attacks, preventing much damage.

    Cyber attacks are now the order of the day. This means they are a realistic threat and can have far reaching consequences. For a predetermined fee you can have a quick and easy baseline assessment of your entire organisation. This also shows that security of data, both personal and within your organisation, is an important point on your agenda. You kill two birds with one stone.

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