D4D helps you to visualise your data in an interactive way. We have extensive experience with tools such as:

    Power BI, Tableau, Google Data Studio and IATI Dashboarding

    Why are dashboards important for nonprofit organizations?

    More data is being produced now than ever before, leaving nonprofits with a tough yet important task: transforming your complex numbers into easy to understand visualizations.

    It is crucial to effectively communicate nonprofit’s progress and outcomes. If visualized data is used correctly, it is the perfect way to engage your audience while successfully getting your point across. Whether it be nonprofit’s event results, member demographics, donor giving patterns, etc., visualizing data will help draw conclusions in an easy- to- read manner.

    Data analysis and visualization are important for volunteers, communities, funders and policymakers to gain insights on the impact of the work, making decisions, for collaborating and for strategic planning. Power BI and other Business Intelligence tools will help make visual insights of your raw data making it easy to read and share. The reports and dashboards created using Business Intelligence tools help in communicating your outcomes effectively.

    What we do

    Data4Development helps nonprofits with the roll out their Dashboards. We help you determine which data is important for your organization and how you can provide the best insight into your results and activities. Additionally, we can build a Data Set that your employees can use to generate new insights and become data-driven. D4D is committed to helping you gain knowledge from your data always, everywhere and in a secure way. Depending on the Business Intelligence needs of the your organization, D4D can provide a customized package, including for example:

    • Training
    • Inventory/ Assessment of Data
    • Building of Reports and Dashboards

    About Power BI

    • Connect data from various sources: Power BI is a business analytics service provided by Microsoft. Power BI can connect to various applications and on-premise data warehouses through the Power BI gateway.
    • Visualize and connect your data: Microsoft Power BI has extensive reporting and visualization capabilities that allow users to integrate multiple data sources and quickly draw insights from an otherwise disparate set of information.
    • Interact with your data:  You can interact with your data, using drag-and-drop gestures to discover trends and natural language queries to get answers.
    • Share data: Power BI lets you share dashboards and reports securely with whomever you want, wherever you go. Power BI allows you to query off the data set, and then build visuals to display on a report or dashboards.

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