The International Aid Transparency Initiative, or better known as IATI. You might be familiar with it as you are already publishing in IATI, yet you might also be new to IATI. We have build vast experience in IATI and offer IATI products and services to guide organizations in producing, using and improving IATI data. Do you want to take you first or the next step in IATI? Wherever you are in your IATI journey, Data4Development is here to help you step up.

    Produce IATI Data

    If you want to start to produce IATI or automize the production of IATI data

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    Improve IATI Data

    If you want to improve the quality of your IATI data

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    Use IATI Data

    If you want use and visualize your IATI data

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    IATI in a Nutshell

    IATI is a global initiative to improve the transparency of development and humanitarian resources and their results.

    IATI aims to make aid and international development cooperation more effective and efficient.

    IATI is an open data standard and common practice to make information about aid available to everyone.

    IATI process

    What can IATI do for you? The IATI Business Case

    1. Become a front runner on transparency

    Reporting in IATI increasingly becomes a comparative advantage. If your receive funding from the UK Department for International Development (DFID), or the Dutch or Belgian governments, you are required to publish your activities in IATI. We see other donors moving this way as well. Use IATI to show that your organisation is committed to international aid transparency and effectiveness as well as able to adapt to a changing environment and ready for a data oriented future.

    2. Embed data driven decision making in your organisation

    Use the IATI Standard as your organisation-wide data model to link and aggregate data from project-level to organisational/management level. IATI allows you to bring together both finance and results information in one Single Source of Truth. We have seen that IATI can be a driving force for enhancing your organisation’s information management processes towards data driven decision making. 

    3. Communicate and share

    Use IATI to communicate progress and share insights about projects with external stakeholders and audiences through interactive visualisations. Use IATI data to enrich your website and to make project information easily accessible. Using the IATI Standard as the central data standard in consortia or partnerships, allows your organisation to collaborate more easily as information can be easily exchanged and aggregated.

    Our IATI Expertise & Experience

    D4D is a front runner in providing IATI expertise to publishers and other stakeholders. We are active in the international IATI community on both strategic as well as technical level. We have are part of the IATI Member’s Assembly and our CFO takes part in the IATI Technical Working Group. 

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