IATI Data Quality: Why?

    There are multiple reasons you and your organisation should care about the quality of your IATI data:

    • Compliance: You want to comply with the requirements of your donors and/or stakeholders.
    • Image: A professional organisation is able to deliver truthful and high quality data, accurate IATI data will reflect this.
    • Insight: To make data driven decisions, your data needs to be correct and accurate. Obviously, you would want to base your decisions upon reliable data.

    Improving IATI Data Quality: How?

    IATI Data Quality Validator

    Our free-to-use validator compares public data with the requirements from IATI, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the British Department for International Development. IATI publishing organisations use the tool to get feedback on their data quality.

    IATI Consultancy

    Based on our experience working with over 80 NGO’s, governments and major donors, we can help you with everything to do with IATI, or data for that matter.

    IATI Training

    We offer in house training to help organisations with improving their data quality in order to increase their impact.

    Next step

    If you want to make data driven decisions, please contact us and we will happily support you in this challenge.

    Is your organisation not ready for data quality improvement or more interested in how to use their IATI data? Check our other IATI products.