Are you looking for ways to make your data IATI-ready? Or do you want to make the publishing process easier?

    With the increasing requirement to publish in IATI, turning your organisational data into the IATI format is important. Whether you are new to IATI or have worked with it before, turning your data into IATI-ready data can be a tricky task. How do you produce and publish IATI files if you have more than a handful of projects? And if the information is spread over multiple systems? 

    At Data4Development, we focus on making the IATI data process easy for you. Read here how we can help you with producing IATI data. 

    How can we help you with producing IATI data?

    Our services for producing IATI data

    IATI Training

    We offer training to help you with getting everyone in your organization on board with IATI and get familiar with using IATI. Our training can be customised to your needs depending on where you currently are in your IATI journey. Whether you want to learn how to get started with IATI or want to take the next steps , our trainings prepare you to tackle any  challenges you may face. Get in touch with us and let us discuss how we can help you.

    The Spreadsheets2IATI Converter

    To help you with getting started to publish to IATI or to improve your current publishing process, we have developed the Spreadsheets2IATI Converter. This tool makes the publishing process hassle-free. You work in and update spreadsheets with your data. The Converter reads the data and turns the data into the format needed for IATI. Your files are then ready and we publish them for you. No new software required and 100% compatible with existing systems.

    IATI Knowledge Base

    Share knowledge and common practice in your organisation about IATI and Data Driven Decision Making. Our best practices can help you optimise and automate related processes in your organisation. Data4Development is a frontrunner in IATI and a member of the IATI Members’ Assembly. With our vast IATI expertise, we can provide you with the right approach, tools and process design to make your IATI processes more efficient and hassle-free.

    Who is this for?

    Are you a:

    • M&E Specialist
    • Communication Specialist
    • Manager
    • Director

    … and are you just getting started, or is your organisation already working with IATI? Our tools and services are for the NGO professional who want to be in control of their data. We can help you get started with your first publications or help you optimize your existing data production and publishing processes. 

    Want to know more?

    Find out more on our offer (link to overall IATI page) and check our products. For more information, contact us or reach out directly via

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