Using IATI data for impact

    As a nonprofit you are proud of the work you do and results you achieve. Therefore it is key to engage your audience and donors, to keep them informed on your results in an effective way. Are you facing challenges with effectively communicating your results and impact? Data4Development can help you leverage your IATI data to communicate your results and increase your impact.


    • You want to communicate your results in an effective manner and engage your audience.
    • You want to leverage IATI data to increase your organization’s impact.

    How can we help you leverage IATI data?

    IATI Dashboards

    Use your IATI data for insights at a glance by creating an interactive dashboard. Data4Development helps nonprofits with creating IATI dashboards as well as the roll out within your organization. We help you determine which data is important for your organization and how you can provide the best insight into your results and activities.

    IATI Training

    Increase your impact by learning how to use IATI to make data driven decisions. Data4Development can facilitate workshops on topics ranging from data literacy to data driven decision making. The link below is an illustration of the workshop possibilities, however we can customize the workshops to your organization’s needs.

    Example: Dutch Relief Alliance Dashboard

    We have been working with the Dutch Relief Alliance to link and align the IATI data of 16 organisations, and by this cross-sectional analysis, have meaningful insights into their activities that will lead to increasing their impact.

    Want to know more?

    Find out more on our offer (link to overall IATI page) and check our products. For more information, contact us or reach out directly via

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