Data4Development has several transformation services for your IT environment.

    D4D stands for comprehensive and effective organization of information management. To help achieve this, we offer several services to develop your organization's application- and data-landscape; from strategy to transformation. We can also map your organizational processes to support an overall optimization of your impact. If you are on the verge of replacing an application, we can help you make the right choice and support with what comes next.

    Transformation services

    Workplace automation

    D4D gives advice on automating your workplace, including the choice for a suitable IT infrastructure and basic applications.

    Application landscape

    Choice of the right applications is essential. These provide your organisation with the necessary management information.

    Cloud migration

    D4D guides the process of securely storing data in the Cloud, so that this is easily and continually accessible to your organisation.

    IT security

    D4D has the expertise on cyber solutions needed to help you become compliant with all demands the government makes on your data storage regarding privacy and security.

    Process optimisation

    D4D helps you to make smart choices, so you only need to gather the data which is needed to reach your organisational goals.

    Planning & Monitoring

    D4D helps you to organise and standardise, so you can (once again) have a good grasp of your important management information.

    BI & Analytics

    D4D looks with you how to make clever use of the available information or to gain access to new data sources.

    Knowledge services

    D4D supports the implementation of knowledge solutions and systems (data banks, libraries).

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